An evil madman calling himself Judgement takes over the television signal of every broadcast on the planet. Judgement attacks every man woman and child in the world, calling the entire planet corrupt and immoral, repeating texts from the bible and warning them that today is the Day of Wrath. He informs everybody that tomorrow heralds a new dawn, a new world, and a new human, one who is in touch with the world instead of intent on destroying it.

Moments after the broadcast fades, sewers all over the world begin to push toxic gases up and out of the waste ducts. People change almost immediately, some collapsing as the toxins overtake their systems, some dying and some changing. Those who change lose the ability to reason and instead gain a primal rage, a hatred for everybody who is unaffected by the chemicals pumping through their systems. They begin to attack anybody who did not succumb to the rage, tearing them to pieces and leaving them to die where they were ripped apart.

One such group of survivors has no idea any of this happened, stuck in the air above the Pacific Ocean on their way back from Sydney Australia. With Los Angeles International Airport within view, these unwitting survivors are just happy to be home, waiting to land and see their families once more, or to head to the gate of their connecting flights and prepare for another hour or two in the air.

Having circled the airfield for half an hour and slowly running low on fuel, pilot Larry Brady makes the decision to land without having heard from the traffic tower yet.

Followers of the Dead